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Human Rights

Our Policy

At Battery Minerals we recognise and uphold human rights in the broadest sense, including the right to health, safety, education and an acceptable standard of living. We understand that these rights are inherent rights of all people, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity or economic status.

Our commitment to human rights

We aim to preserve and further the human rights of all people connected with Battery Minerals, including the members of the communities in which we operate and the wider global community.

Human rights at Battery Minerals

Our relationship with our employees is of utmost importance to us. We are committed to creating a safe and rewarding work environment, in which all Battery Minerals employees are treated fairly and equally.

Occupational health and safety

Battery Minerals is committed to upholding the fundamental right of all of its employees to work in a safe environment in which all reasonable measures have been taken to protect their health and safety. At Battery Minerals we will take all reasonable steps to:

  • ensure that all our employees work in an environment which is safe and free from workplace hazards;
  • pursue local recruitment, training and development; and
  • carry out comprehensive employee training programs covering health and safety.

Equal opportunity in employment

Battery Minerals believes in equal opportunity in the workforce. We believe that a person’s individual attributes, including race, colour, religion, age, disability, family responsibilities, sexual orientation or political beliefs are irrelevant to their suitability for employment.
Battery Minerals’ company policy is to create employment opportunities accessible to everyone, based on the sole criterion of the merit of each individual applicant. Merit is evaluated according to job related skills, qualifications, abilities and aptitudes. No employment decision should be influenced by any other criteria.
Employment decisions may constitute discrimination if they are unrelated to the suitability of a candidate for a position, or a current employee’s employment performance, and will not be tolerated. Battery Minerals’ merit based philosophy extends beyond employment to all persons and entities associated with Battery Minerals.


Harassment and bullying

Harassment can take many forms. Sexual harassment is uninvited and unwelcome behaviour of a sexual nature, including verbal comments or jokes and physical contact, which makes a person feel offended or intimidated.
Bullying is behaviour that intimidates, offends, degrades, insults or humiliates another person. It can be either physical or psychological.
If you feel that you are being harassed or bullied, please immediately contact the Compliance Officer or a senior person with whom you feel comfortable. All complaints will be treated confidentially in accordance with Battery Minerals’ Whistle-blower Policy.
Battery Minerals views harassment and bullying as serious misconduct. All allegations of harassment and bullying will be thoroughly investigated by the Compliance Officer. Any breach of Battery Minerals’ policies concerning harassment or bullying may result in immediate termination of employment.

Human rights and the community

Battery Minerals’ commitment to human rights extends beyond the workplace to the broader community. Community responsibility is integral to the way in which Battery Minerals conducts business.
We are committed to facilitating the growth and development of the communities in which we operate through our corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Security and human rights

The safety of Battery Minerals employees and the members of the communities in which Battery Minerals operates is of utmost importance to Battery Minerals.
Battery Minerals is committed to upholding fundamental principles of human rights in all of its security arrangements, including its interaction with both public and private security.

Promotion of human rights

Battery Minerals is also committed to promoting respect for fundamental human rights beyond the communities in which it operates. Battery Minerals encourages every person associated with the company, including its employees and Third Parties, to uphold and promote the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms.