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Corporate Responsibilities

Our goal is to provide a balanced and transparent account of our activities and performance, as well as our evolving relations with the communities where we work, employees and contractors, host governments, and non-profit and non-governmental organizations.

Legal Framework

Battery Minerals operations are subject to a detailed legislative framework.

This framework encompasses the laws of the countries in which Battery Minerals is based, including Australia, Gabon and Mozambique as well as international legislation and standards of corporate conduct and corporate social and environmental responsibility.
For example, Battery Minerals operations are subject to Australia’s Commonwealth Criminal Code, which, amongst other things, makes it an offence to bribe a foreign public official.

BAT is committed to educating its employees and Third Parties in relation to this issue through its Anti-Bribery and Corruption Compliance Guide
BAT is also subject to occupational health and safety laws. We believe that our employees are our most important asset and will do everything possible to ensure their health and safety in the work place.

The Company is also subject to laws relating to a range of issues including trade practices and competition. BAT in Africa is committed to ensuring that all of its directors, officers, employees and, where practicable, Third Parties receive education and training that directly addresses the particular laws and regulations applicable to Battery Minerals, including those specifically relevant to the area in which they work.

Financial Reporting Integrity

The Board is small and acts as a whole as the audit committee. The board personally handles company operations including signing all contracts and disbursements which means there is close and direct contact in all aspects of implementing and monitoring all financial systems and reporting. Globally recognised external auditors are used for annual closures both in the African and Australian offices.