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Community Partnerships

Battery Minerals actively seeks out civil and technical organisations working in the field of sustainable community development in the activity area to ensure that the Company’s operations contribute positively to the economic and social uplift of the community.

Each planned activity takes place within a well-defined and mapped development approach which includes all relevant stakeholders such as local government and community leaders. Battery Minerals’ community partnership policies are designed to build relationships with local communities based on trust and mutual advantage.

In supporting local communities Battery Minerals is committed to:

  • Open and transparent communication at all times with local communities
  • Understanding and respecting the needs of the communities
  • Acting in a responsible manner at all times
  • Respecting and complying with the rights of community members and their land title obligations
  • Setting measurable targets and seeking to continually improve our standards of community relations and involvement

Through the implementation of this policy, we hope to make a meaningful contribution to the communities in which we operate.