Battery Minerals is developing Montepuez Stage1 (M1), which is a ~50,000tpa graphite flake project.  The current project life is 20 years and Battery Minerals expects that to grow. 

The Company has also disclosed its intention to grow production to ~100,000tpa through the execution of Montepuez Stage 2 (M2). While maintaining lower-quartile costs and supplying a high-value product through Montepuez Stage 1 at ~50,000tpa (M1) and Montepuez Stage 2 ~100,000tpa (M2), the Company expects to deliver strong returns to investors and make a significant contribution to the local and national economy of Mozambique.

See  below the Montepuez Development Update released on 7 March 2018:-

Montepuez-Development Update

See below the Results of the Montepuez Value Engineering Study released on 18 October 2017:-

Restructure of Montepuez-will-Revolutionise-Economics

See below the Results of the Montepuez DFS Released on 15 February 2017:-

Battery Anode PFS-and-Montepuez-Graphite-Project-DFS




Battery Minerals has recently announced delivery of a scoping study on its Balama Central project, which comprises a Stage 1 production rate of 55,000tpa (B1) and Stage 2 rate of 110,000tpa (B2). Balama is currently the subject of a feasibility study expected to be delivered in mid-2018.  Combined with Montepuez and subject to continued positive economic, social and technical investigations, Balama Central provides scope for self-funded growth from a ~50,000tpa production-rate in 2019 to more than 200,000tpa in 2022

See below the results of the Balama Central Graphite Project Scoping Study released on 1 March 2018:-

Balama-Central-Graphite-Project Scoping Study