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Section Code of Business Conduct

BAT is committed to building and maintaining a reputation for integrity, honesty and fair dealing in all of its relationships and business dealings. BAT has established a corporate culture that encourages best business practice, including compliance with all of the local laws and regulations which govern its operations.

BAT, places great emphasis on achieving high performance for our shareholders. The company also focuses on adding value to the communities in which we operate. BAT is committed to achieving its goals within a framework of ethical and responsible business practice.

BAT has an established Code of Business Conduct which guides its employees as well as third parties such as joint venture partners, agents, consultants, contractors, suppliers and representatives By understanding, and adhering to the principles set out in this Code of Business Conduct, all employees and Third Parties confident that they are acting in accordance with best business practice.

The Code of Business Conduct places a strong emphasis on all employees and Third Parties taking responsibility to ensure that their actions are in accordance with company policy.